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Is your business lagging behind the rest? Are you unsure of where to turn or how to push on? Have you thought about graduate programmes?

No matter what industry you are in you can bet that there are a thousand under graduates just waiting to get their feet in your door. Joining together with a university to create an innovative business venture will benefit both you and the next generation of your work.

When you get involved with a university, you could get help and gain the views of hundreds of under graduates, who are still learning and coming up with fresh ideas. Do this, whilst helping the next generation strive towards their career goals!

In today’s economic situation, there are too many traps and pit falls for graduates to fall into. Unpaid internships are everywhere and leave young people struggling to survive. You could help this whilst boosting your company’s outlook.

When you start a partnership with a university the business options are endless; there are hundreds of ways that you could help young students and graduates whilst improving your business.

Have you ever thought about running a graduate scheme? This is a position within your company created for a graduate to come in and train with you whilst they work. These schemes guarantee that the young person is getting a fair wage whilst working towards their career goals.

Of course, if you don’t have the resources to offer a graduate scheme, there are other ways in which you could help. Speak to your local university today and see if you could start a student society, this could give the students the option to volunteer for your company one afternoon per week. You could go into the university to give talks and run projects for students to get involved with. These will give you a fresh view of your company whilst helping future generations to learn.

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